Candle Stick – Brushed Satin Smokebush


Brushed satin smokebush candle holder

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This attractive classic candle holder can add ambiance to any room in the house. This brushed satin metal finished is paired with a smokebush wood. The billowing late-summer blooms appear to shroud this bush in smoke, while hidden inside the core of the otherwise normal-looking limbs is a bright yellow heartwood.  ‘doghouse’ discovered this unusual colouring after the ice storm of 2014 split every branch of our mature, ten-foot bush at the base, leaving us no choice but to cut it down. The cleanup revealed the brilliant yellow core. The branches were just large enough for turning pens or candlesticks and we kept a few pieces, unsure of how long the yellow would remain. We have been pleasantly surprised with the persistence of the colour as well as the attractive grain. We chose to leave the stumps in our garden, and the bush is rapidly growing up from the base to one day stand strong and tall again.


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